Plastic Surgery Unplugged

Ep. 2: The Truth About Chin Augmentations

April 7, 2021

In this episode of Plastic Surgery Unplugged, Dr. Raghu Athre is joined again by facial plastic surgeon Dr. William Silver, to discuss all aspects of chin augmentations and chin implant surgery.


Topics they cover include:

  • Why people who want a rhinoplasty often benefit from a chin augmentation and how they compliment each other
  • How Dr. Athre approaches an initial exam with a new patient
  • 2d vs. 3d dimensional imaging in patient consultations
  • The geometry of a balanced face and how that helps decide a patient's surgeries
  • How doing multiple procedures at once affect the recovery process
  • Exactly what recovery feels like for both nose surgery and chin surgery
  • Types of implants used in chin augmentation surgeries
  • The method of estimating appropriate chin projection before surgery
  • An examination of several 'before and after' scenarios of real patients who received chin augmentation.


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